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We are an international kitesurf school based in barcelona. Join for lessons, rentals or kitesurf roadtrips. Barcelona has big natural beaches with perfect conditions.

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Full course, 12 hours, 380 euro
Everything included

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‘the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…”


kitesurf camp 13 june -15 july


Join us for 20 knots trade wind everyday and a comfortable bungalow with swimmingpool and bbq area on the kite beach! We will be in the beautiful bay of famara from 13 june till 15 july.




















The full course – 12 hours (3 to 4 days) – 420 euro This course teaches you everything you need to know to kitesurf safe and independently. Choose any dates that suit you to compleet the twelve hours. To assure quality we teach a maximum of two students per  instructor. The price is per person and everything is included.



Single lesson –  3 hours – 120 euro This lesson is adapted to your exact level. This lesson is semiprivate; two students with one kite and one instructor. The price is per person and includes everything.

Private lesson – 2 hours – 140 euro This lesson is adapted to your exact level. We recommend this lesson if you had a few lessons before. The price includes everything.

Roadtrips *40 euro plus price lessons / rentals


Every weekend we go on a 2-day kitesurf roadtrip to find the best kitesurf conditiones. We leave barcelona saturday morning 10.00 and come back sunday evening. Two days of kitesurfing, relaxation and  compleet freedom. The night we enjoy a meal at a local restaurant, go for a few beers and camp out on the beach.


We take care of kitesurf lessons & rentals, transport,  sleeping gear and tents. info@mojokite.com



The full course   12 hours           420 euro

One lesson   3 hours            120 euro

Private course   7 hours           460 euro

Private lesson    2 hours             140 euro


Rent kite, board & harness – day              70 euro

Rent kite, board & harness – 3 hours              50 euro


Weekend roadtrip – lesson/rental+             40 euro