Single kitesurf lesson in Barcelona

Single kitesurf lesson

1 day, 2hrs, €140

Below you can find more information about what you can expect from a single kitesurf lesson with our kitesurf school. This is just a guideline, as we always focus on individual needs and everyone learns differently.



We make sure you feel safer while practicing alone: we go over kite relaunch and board recovery, to make sure you know how to handle these situations when you're alone in the water.



We will work on your individual needs to make you a better kitesurfer overall, whether that means we need to work on kite control, board control, understanding riding directions and/or anything else.



The general focus of the class will be on making you feel more independent: riding longer distances, deciding where you want to take the kite instead of vice versa, knowing how to stop in control and get back to the beach. The idea is that you feel comfortable practicing alone next time!

After finishing this lesson

As this class is completely focused on your progress towards becoming independent, the next step would be: take one more class (if you feel you need it); or move on to supervised rental sessions. A supervised session can be by renting our equipment, or with your own equipment. If you don't have your own equipment yet, you can schedule a meeting with us to talk about it!


  • Having finished a kitesurf course
  • Basic understanding of riding
  • Know how to relaunch and bodydrag

Included in the course

  • All material needed for the lesson
  • Wetsuit as well
  • A maximum of two students per instructor