Kitesurf Camp Sardinia

Kitesurf camp summer: Sardinia

June 2022 - September 2022

During the summer, when all of Europe is very busy, Sardinia still has many empty beaches to explore and enjoy. There are many windy days, and on windless days you can choose from a host of other activities. An unforgettable holiday, also for non-kitesurfers!

Kitesurf lessons

The school is active every day with wind. When you have confirmed the dates of your vacation, you can contact us so that we can reserve a place in our agenda for you.

Accommodation at the beach

Our school is located in one of the most beautiful campsites on the island, on the beachfront and in a forest of thousands of pine trees.

Those who don't kitesurf

There is also plenty to do on the island for those who don't want to kite, so you can bring your family or friends along so they can explore the island and you can spend windless days with them.