Surf & SUP board rentals

Board rentals

1x 1.5hrs / 2x 1.5hrs / 3x 1.5hrs

Pick up your board, ask us anything you want, and ready to go!


Choose your board

On the day of your session, you can choose a surfboard or a SUP board according to that day's condiciones. The price includes everything, board, wetsuit, leash, paddle, everything.


Different packs

If you just want to come one time, choose one session and done. If you want to do more sessions, then choose a pack and get a discount! The packs don't expire, you can do the sessions whenever you want, and you can change boards / sports whenever you want.



We understand that our school is 5 minutes walking from the beach and you need to take the board to where you want to go into the water. The session time reflects the time that you're in the water - the transport time is not counted of course!


To know

If you want, we can also help you assess the conditions of the sea to advise you which board to take.


  • Know how to swim
  • Have basic knowledge of the chosen activity

Included in the price

  • All the gear
  • Wetsuit