During summer, the beaches of Barcelona are so busy, that kitesurfing is considered dangerous and therefore prohibited. No kitesurf school is allowed to be active during this time, so if you're looking for lessons it's better to learn in spring or autumn, or come join us in Sardinia during summer. The kitesurf prohibition in Barcelona is officially between 01/06 and 30/09. For independent riders, there are some solutions:

1. If you are not yet at the level of kiting upwind, this is not your solution. There is a kitesurf zone in Castelldefels. This kitesurf zone consists of a zone on the beach and a kitesurf channel in the water, which can be used to launch your kite and kitesurf outside of the swimming area (200m away from the coast). You will then have to stay kitesurfing outside on the open water until you're finished - you will have to come back to the beach using the kitesurf channel as well. This means you will have to be able to stay / come back kitesurfing upwind. The kitesurf zone in Castelldefels opens on weekdays, after 16:00, when the wind is stronger than 14kts. You can not rent gear at the kitesurf zone, you have to bring your own. You will find the kitesurf zone near the Bunker in Castelldefels.

2. If you're lucky, there's some wind in the evenings. After 19:00, the lifeguards of the Castelldefels beach leave and the swimming area is no longer vigilated - meaning, you can launch your kite without problems.

3. You can decide to go to the two other kite zones outside of Barcelona, about 2hrs driving away, Sant Pere Pescador or Delta del Ebro. You will be able to rent gear here. For more information about the wind conditions and locations of these spots please refer to our explanation here.

4. You can come join us in Sardinia! More info here.

For people in need of kitesurf lessons or any type of assistance, it is not possible to kitesurf near Barcelona during summer. You will have to refer to solution 3 or 4!

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