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kitesurf school barcelona

We are a kitesurf school based in Castelldefels: the best kite beach of the Barcelona area. Our aim is to give you a top kitesurf experience with the latest gear available. We are a team of very motivated and experienced kitesurf instructor dedicated to your progression and safety. Join our kitesurf school in a professional, friendly and fun kite environment!


These are the different options for lessons with our kitesurf school,
choose according to your previous experience.

kitesurf school barcelona

4hrs / 1 day / 200€

This is the perfect course for those who have no experience yet.. It's split in two parts; the first block will be spent on the beach and is aimed at gaining basic kite control; in the second block we continue with exercises in the water. The course is full of action and real practice.

learn how to kitesurf in barcelona

5hrs / 2 days / 230€

This course is perfect for those who have some experience but are not fully independent yet. We will cover all necessary steps to reach this level. We will focus on getting up on the board and riding but also look at everything you need to learn to become an independent kitesurfer!

kitesurf lessons and rentals

2,5hrs / 1 day / 130€

This lesson is adapted to your exact level and focused on your specific needs. For those who need a refresher lesson, want to perfect their riding, or learn something specific (transitions, jumps, riding upwind, etc) we recommend this lesson.

Our lessons are focused on real practise and action as we believe you learn most by doing it yourself.


We also very much welcome experienced riders in our community! Whether you want to learn something specific in a private lesson, or are more interested in supervisions or trips, check the options and let us know when you want to kite!

kitesurf school

2hrs / €175

Want to work on something specific and have the attention of the instructor all to yourself? For those who want to learn how to jump, ride a directional board, a foil board, this lesson is the best option.

kitesurfing barcelona

2hrs / 70€

When renting gear, there will be an instructor to help you with the setup, launching and trimming your kite, and keeping an eye on you during your session.
(Basic riding skills required)

kitesurf community

Chase the wind with us!

Whenever there is no wind in Castelldefels, we always try to find better conditions nearby and organize trips there. This can be for a day, a weekend or even longer depending on the conditions.


During the summer there is an official kitesurf prohibition in and around Barcelona (read more), meaning nobody can teach kitesurf lessons in this season. So each summer our school continues in Sardinia - Kitesurf paradise! With perfect conditions and only an hour flight away from Barcelona this is the place to be in summer!
For more info check check this page.

kitesurfing in sardinia


Kitesurf lessons in La Caletta take place in the open water, from the boat. This allows students to follow their learning curve without fearing making mistakes - you have all the space you need to progress and learn calmly, no children swimming around you!

kitesurf school sardinia


For independent kiters, the kite beach of La Caletta is an amazing spot to ride and progress. It's possible to kite throughout all of summer, as there is a kitesurf channel allowing independent kiters to ride in and out from the beach, even if the beach is busy!

kitesurf camp sardinia


We stay on a beautiful campsite filled with pine trees and all amenities you need, right on the beach. The camping is 500m from the kitesurf channel, a 15min walk along the beach. There's two idyllic towns right around the corner and enough to see and do for everyone!

Also... There is a lot to do on the scarce non-windy days! Roadtrips to other windy beaches in the area, SUP, yoga (or both!), snorkeling, hiking or rock climbing in the beautiful mountains nearby, checking out the lively towns in the area, relaxing on the beautiful white beaches...


In Castelldefels, we can kitesurf all year round, except for during summer when there is the kitesurf prohibition in all of Catalunya (read more). Below you can learn more about which season works well and after you can also find information about the wind and different spots in the area.


In Castelldefels & around!
The kitesurf season starts around mid-February. Wind starts becoming really frequent from March onwards, all the way through to the start of June. Our kitesurf school is active every windy day, weekdays and weekends.


In Sardinia!
The beaches of Barcelona become very busy during summer and wind dies down quite a bit. So between begin June and end September our kitesurf school is active on the most beautiful kitebeach of Sardinia, join us! (Read more)


In Castelldefels & around!
We start the season at the end of September, once there is more space and better wind to kitesurf. Wind is steady and frequent until end December. Our kitesurf school is active every windy day, weekdays and weekends. 


Too cold!
We close the kitesurf school once temperatures drop below 15' celcius. Usually this is from January until mid-February. Feel free to contact us, though, to keep you informed on when we start the kitesurf season!


Do you want to know where to kite and how to read the forecast? Here you can learn more about the wind, workable forecasts and different kitesurf spots in the area.

kitesurf barcelona


Castelldefels is the nearest beach to Barcelona where you can safely kite. It works best with SW winds (Garbi) and works with thermal winds that pick up in the afternoon. We need a sunny sky and higher temperatures for the thermal winds to work. Sometimes you can see an East or South-East wind coming in too! But it is not possible to kite with any off shore north wind direction.

kitesurf school

Delta del Ebro

The Delta del Ebro is about 2,5hrs south driving from Barcelona. There's two main spots. First there's Riumar, working well with North winds. These winds are usually best in the mornings when it's not that hot. It can get a bit stormy! Then, working well with South winds, is the Trabucador. A big flat water lagoon amazing for learning and progressing, and a great camp spot!

kitesurf barcelona

Sant Pere Pescador

At 1,5hrs North of Barcelona, in the Costa Brava, Sant Pere Pescador is the main kite beach. It works well with any South, South East wind directions. Sometimes there can be some waves, too! Also, if you're really more experienced, you can go here with North wind forecasts. Wind will be gusty and stormy, but it's rideable if you're experienced enough.


Questions about anything you've read so far? Do not hesitate to get in touch!

On windy days, when we are out teaching, we might not be able to pick up the phone. If we don't pick up, please send us a whatsapp and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



Just to explain and clarify some of the things we're frequently asked!

Our kitesurf club
We are located in Castelldefels, which is 30min south of Barcelona by direct train or car.

Can't find us on the beach?
Whenever there is no wind, we're not on the beach and the school is closed. We might be doing some repairs, some SUP, some wakeboarding, some cleaning, some relaxing... Just send us a whatsapp and we will make sure you know when there is wind to kitesurf!

Why can't I take kitesurf classes in Barcelona city center

The reason why we can't teach kitesurf in Barcelona center is for different reasons. First of all, the most dominant wind direction in our area of Spain simply does not enter in the city; we need wind to kitesurf! Also, there's often a strong current in the center, there's rocks in the water and there's often pretty big waves (if you're learning, you want FLAT water). 

By train
There's a direct train to Castelldefels beach leaving every half hour from three of the major stations in Barcelona: Franca, Passeig de Gracia and Sants. There's several trains going to Castelldefels, but there's only ONE train which also stops at the kite beach, and that is the train to Vilanova i la Geltru. You get out at the stop called Platja de Castelldefels; you walk towards the beach and to the right until you see a big basketball court: you're there!

By car
You need to leave Barcelona in direction Tarragona. If you a have a working GPS on your phone, please use the following address to get to our kitesurf school: Passeig Marítim, 418, 08860 Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain
If you don't have a working GPS, please get in touch with us so we can see how we can make sure you get here!

By bus
Yes, there is a bus. But it's not reliable. It's never on time, it takes detours, sometimes it just doesn't stop here at all. Please don't take the bus if you're supposed to arrive at a certain time for your kitesurf session :) if you simply want to stroll around Castelldefels and use the bus to get here, take the L94 at your own risk!

Your kitesurf session
Whenever there is no wind, the kitesurf session (lesson, rental, roadtrip, whatever we have planned) gets cancelled. You don't pay for this, of course!

Other things to do

On non windy days, instead of kitesurfing, you can go do some SUP along the beach as well. If you want to advance on your kitesurf lessons, you can also check out the wakeboard cable in Castelldefels - this will definitely improve your board skills!
Windfinder is one of the website used to statically predict the wind. Try to find the Castelldefels Superforecast. For our area, the forecast is not reliable until one day in advance!
Windy is a very innovative website which shows windmaps over the area, so you can see where the wind comes from, if anything is blocking it, if there's any storms ahead, you name it!
Windguru, like Windfinder, is a static wind forecast website. It's a little less reliable in our area, so we tend not to use it.

We fly Ozone kites, currently we're using the 2020 Catalyst for our classes.


We use Blankforce boards, we have different models and sizes to fit everyone's needs.


Harnesses and short leashes from Blankforce, ONDA, Prolimit and GUL wetsuits to keep you warm during the colder days!