Kitesurfing in Barcelona


Forecast Workshop

Learn how to read the wind forecast so you can always find the best kitesurf conditions! We have designed a workshop in which we explain everything in a fun and very practical way, so that you can apply all this in your next kitesurfing adventure.

Kitesurf seasons

There are some seasons that are better for kiting than others. Here is a summary of the conditions in the different seasons, so you know when to come to Barcelona for kitesurfing, and when it is better to travel to other spots.



Mid February - Begin June

The season starts in mid-February. The wind begins to be very frequent from March onwards. Our kite school is open every windy day, weekdays and weekends. And we also go on roadtrips to other kite beaches.



Begin June - End September

There are many people on the beaches of and the wind decreases quite a bit. Also, there is a kitesurf prohibition. So between the beginning of June and the end of September we move the kitesurf school to Sardinia, join us!



End September - December

We start at the end of September, when the beaches become empty again and the wind picks up for kiting. The wind is constant and frequent until the end of December. Our kitesurf school is open every day with wind.



Mid December - Mid February

We close the school when the temperatures drop, usually from Christmas to mid-February. But do not hesitate to contact us, our kite shop and bar are still opne. Also we have a kitesurf camp in January to the tropical Zanzibar

The best kitesurf spots

The main kitesurfing beach in the Barcelona area is Castelldefels, where we are located. Sometimes the wind may not be good in Castelldefels, but you can find good conditions in other nearby spots



Castelldefels is the nearest beach to Barcelona where you can safely kite. It works best with SW winds (Garbi) and works with thermal winds that pick up in the afternoon. We need a sunny sky and higher temperatures for the thermal winds to work. Sometimes you can see an East or South-East wind coming in too! But it is not possible to kite with any off shore north wind direction.


Delta del Ebro

The Delta del Ebro is about 2,5hrs south driving from Barcelona. There's two main spots. First there's Riumar, working well with North winds. These winds are usually best in the mornings when it's not that hot. It can get a bit stormy! Then, working well with South winds, is the Trabucador. A big flat water lagoon amazing for learning and progressing, and a great camp spot!


Sant Pere Pescador

At 1,5hrs North of Barcelona, in the Costa Brava, Sant Pere Pescador is the main kite beach. It works well with any South, South East wind directions. Sometimes there can be some waves, too! Also, if you're really more experienced, you can go here with North wind forecasts. Wind will be gusty and stormy, but it's rideable if you're experienced enough.

Summer kitesurf prohibition

During the summer, the beaches of Barcelona and its surroundings are very busy and kitesurfing is prohibited. The school is still operational, but in the paradise of Sardinia - a place with lots of space, infinite wind and perfect conditions for learning. For those who want kitesurf lessons, we recommend coming on vacation to Sardinia, only one hour flight from bcn!