Full Kitesurf Course in Barcelona

Full kitesurf course

3 days, 7.5hrs, €410

Below you can find a description of all the steps that we will take during the complete kitesurfing course for beginners. This is just a guide; as we always focus on individual needs and everyone learns differently, your course may be a little different too.


Day 1: Hello kite (2hr)

We start with an introduction to kite flying, using a small training kite. This small kite has no real power, but it works just like the big one, so we can learn how to fly it safely. After this, we go over all the steps involved in properly setting up a kite and bar, and how the safety systems work. We end this module by flying the big kite on the beach with minimal power, so we can get used to the feeling of flying a big kite.


Day 1: To the water (1.5hr)

In the second module of the first day we go into the water with the kite, but without a board. We do some basic steering exercises in the water, after which we start to play with the true power of the kite: we fly through the water like superman doing what is called a "bodydrag". We learn to relaunch the kite from the water in case it falls, and to walk back along the beach to the starting point with one hand. We finish by learning to take down the kite in the correct way.


Day 2: The board (2hr)

After a short warming-up doing the bodydrag, it's time to introduce the board. We learn to handle the board and the kite at the same time, how to put it on our feet and find our balance with the board in the water. Then we start working on doing our first waterstarts!


Day 3: Riding (2hr)

The last class focuses on making you as independent as possible. This means we'll be focusing a lot on waterstarts, balance, and distance, but also making sure you can get back to the beach and how to find your board in case you lose it when you fall (because you will fall!).

After finishing this course

The average person will be ready to continue practicing independently after finishing the full kitesurfing course. This means that most people will switch to supervised rentals, or come meet with us to get their own kitesurfing equipment and continue to practice supervised with their own equipment.

We say "average person" because some people will be ready for this next step sooner and are already kiting upwind, and others may need another lesson. After you finish the course, you will speak with your instructor and they will recommend your next step!


  • No prior knowledge of kitesurfing is required
  • No specific fitness level required
  • It would be good if you know how to swim at least a bit!

Included in the course

  • All materials needed for the lessons
  • Wetsuit as well
  • A maximum of two students per instructor