Private Kitesurf Lesson in Barcelona

Private kitesurf lesson

1 day, 2hrs, €190

Below you can find more information about the endless possibilities for a private kitesurfing lesson.



We can introduce you to (or advance you in) the amazing skill of kitefoiling: it's like flying over water. We can get you comfortable with the foil board, as well as the foil kite, and teach you anything from the basics to get you up and running with this amazing new kit, or even teach you to jump with it..



Do you love waves? So do we! Riding with a strapless board in the waves is one of the best feelings of freedom you can have. Since the balance is different on these boards and you need to transition through a turn, it can be tricky to get into this. A private class is a great start.


Jump / Tricks

Do you want to learn to jump (higher) or land a specific trick? Perfect, let's take you there. From your first jumps to your first darkslide or raley, anything is possible.


Anything you want!

This lesson revolves around you, and only you. You decide what you want to improve and we will choose the instructor with the most experience in that field to help you get there.


Important sidenote

Because we keep our team so small, we have limited availability to do private classes. Therefore, we only accept advance reservations for private classes from Monday to Friday. If you want to book a private class on the weekend, contact us to check our availability.


  • Have an intermediate level in kitesurfing (upwind, transitions)
  • Know how to set up a kite, body drag, relaunch
  • Know the self-rescue

Included in the lesson

  • All material needed for your lesson
  • Wetsuit as well
  • An instructor for you only