Rent kitesurf gear in Barcelona

Rent kitesurf gear

1 day, 2hrs, €100

Below you can find more information about what you can expect from a supervised kitesurf rental session.



The best kite and board for your session, based on the day's wind forecast. Need to switch mid-session? No problem.



We're always keeping an eye on you to make sure you're safe and having fun, and we'll help you when needed.



Twintip, surfboard, foil board, foil kite, freestyle kite – choose based on the skill you want to practice today.


Important sidenote

Because we keep our team so small, we have limited availability to do rental sessions. Therefore, we only accept advance reservations for rental sessions from Monday to Friday. If you want to book a session on the weekend, contact us to check our availability.


  • Have an intermediate level in kitesurfing (upwind, transitions)
  • Know how to set up a kite, body drag, relaunch
  • Know the self rescue

Included in the lesson

  • All material needed for the session
  • Wetsuit as well
  • Supervision from an instructor