Wingfoil lessons in Castelldefels, Barcelona

Wingfoil Beginner Lesson

This wingsurf course is for complete beginners. Learn how to control the wing. Feel the power of the wind. Make your first meters on the water with a sup board and directly start having fun!


Control the wing

The first step is to learn how to control the wing: when does it catch power, how do you release the power, how do you decide the direction you go in.


In the water

The second step is to use the wing with a SUP board in the water and learn how to stay balanced and catch speed!


Keep in mind

We only do lessons when there are good conditions; meaning, no waves or strong currents. On days with waves we cannot do lessons.


  • Know how to swim
  • You don't need to have any previous knowledge of wingsurf
  • No specific level of physical fitness required

Included in the price

  • All the equipment
  • Wetsuit and helmet
  • Private instructor