E-foil in Castelldefels, Barcelona

E-foil lessons and rentals

E-foil is the perfect way to learn foiling. You can later apply this knowledge to kitefoil or wingfoil, or simply enjoy the e-foil board on its own. We will first make sure you know how to get out safely with the e-foil by taking you out in a private lesson. After, you are welcome to rent the gear and go by yourself.


Understand the e-foil board

The first step is to learn how to control the e-foil board: how do you control the speed, how should your weight be distributed, how do you steer the board, how do you fall safely.


Control the foil

The second step is learning how to control the foil; how to get the board lifting out of the water and.. start cruising comfortable.


Keep in mind

We can only do e-foil lessons when there are good conditions; incase of waves or strong winds / currents it is best to re-scehdule the session.


  • No prior foil knowledge
  • No specific fitness level
  • Reservation is necessary

Included in the price

  • All the equipment
  • Wetsuit and helmet
  • Instructor

Gift vouchers for E-foil

Give any amount you desire. After making the payment, you can download a voucher for efoil lessons or rentals. Once the voucher is received, the fortunate individual can either contact us directly or make an online reservation.